Wisedebther Weekly Spending 12.11.17-12.17.17

Wisedebther Weekly Spending is back!! I falsely reported
earlier this week that my last weekly spending report was around Thanksgiving… it was in fact the first week of November. Funny how the mind plays tricks on ya.

Anyway, I’m a bit distracted over here because I just put a bid on eBay for a wedding dress that costs, wait for it… $86!!!!!! I can’t even believe it myself. It’s long, lace on top, but not too fancy either (I’m planning to elope). If all pans out AND the dress fits, I’ll be sure to report more!

Sooo spending this week. I’ll just cut right to the chase. Here it is:

And here’s the breakdown:

Car expense was high due to my insurance being due ( I pay every 6 months).

The Food & Drink department covers 2 weeks of food shopping –one shopping completed Sunday, the other Saturday. Needless to say, I’m pretty proud. My part of the food expenses for both weeks were less than $100. I’m getting better (I think? a little ?).

“Funtivities”for the week included 2 coffee shop stops (Friday and Saturday) and a Friday evening out at my neighborhood bar — a few beers and I bought a pizza for my friends and I to share. I also bought an “Ugly Sweater” for Ugly Sweater Day at the bar (see Self Maintenance).  The price point was a little beyond what I was expecting, but sizes were severely limited and time prohibited bargain hunting at thrift stores or Goodwill (AKA I did not Plan ahead). In the end, I got a super cute “Meowy Christmas” sweater, a gift that will keep on giving indeed!

Health & Wellness were Half-marathon prep related. Body Glide for Her to prevent chafing in the bra line, which did NOT work at all much to my dismay :((. Then, I also got a hydration belt. As I’m gearing up for doing some longer distances 9, 10, 11, I feel like I will want to re-hydrate a bit after 1 hour of running. Tampa winter can be pretty warm at times (this weeks highs are low 80s) and I’m not complaining at ALL, however, it does give me a little peace of mind to know I can grab some water if I need it.

The Miscellaneous category contains some, but not all of my Christmas shopping.

This week is going to a be a bit frazzled with hosting and travelling to Orlando, so I’m going to be kind with myself and understand that documenting everything on paper/Excel may not be possible. BUT, what I do know (and MUST stick to) is that my budget for the remainder of the month is $550. This amount should be way more than doable with less than 2 weeks of the year to go.

Although these weekly spending reports don’t seem like much, they are teaching me the skills of 1. staying accountable for EVERYTHING I spend, and most importantly 2. living within, but not beyond my means. For example, I had originally planned to go on a fun shopping trip at the outlets this past Friday because I was off from work. Welp, I looked at my upcoming expenses and credit card statements and realized that was going to be a NO-go. Gotta make those sacrifices to get to the Debt free Finish line.

The best part is that I no longer feel like I’m just throwing random money at my loans. Everything is feeling a lot more calculated and purposeful (even when it’s not the answer I want to hear 😉 !).

Have a wonderful week ahead and don’t forget,  Wisedebther to live better ! 

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