Wisedebther Weekly Spending 1/28/18-2/3/18

January was gone in a flash ! Lucky for me this weekend was an EXTRA long one. My mom visited from Mass. and although she left this morning, I have the rest of the day off to play catch up, both with cleaning and my finances.

Compared to last week, this one was a heavy hitter in terms of spending. The beginning of the month signals rent due, plus with visitors I always tend to spend a little more on groceries to make sure we are stocked with both essentials + “fun” foods/drinks. The detailed numbers are below:

The “Funtivity”‘s this week consisted of 2 starbucks trips (one with Mom) and a round of drinks for the three of us (S.O , Mom, Me) when we were playing tourist in a nearby coastal town. My mom treated us to ice cream and dinner Saturday, which of course brought the “Funtivity” bill down considerably. Thanks Mom!

For Self-maintenace, I bought myself a new pair of running shoes and some socks. My knees have been really talking to me during my long runs. Usually that’s a signal to me that it is time to replace my shoes. I was really trying to make it ’til post-half marathon, but I had to bite the bullet. It’s one of those things where if my health is not prioritized, I could end up hurting for certain + spending more in the $$ end on healthcare costs.

Finally, I bought my best friend from home a candle for her 30th birthday. I bought it in a cute independent shop, so I felt good about buying it and hopeful that she will enjoy it! The majority of my friends get verbal/written happy birthday wishes, but I have 2 friends who I consistently get a gift for. I’m unsure if this is something that I will continue into our 30s especially as more of my friends start to have children of their own (gifts for babies > gifts for adults). For now, it’s still something I enjoy to do that does not feel like an obligation. The gift of giving is a gift indeed!

Since food expenses were so high last week, I actually have a fridge (more or less) of food to continue to use up for the week ahead. I may need a bit of produce, but I’m eyeing a cheap(er) spending week on the horizon.

Off to laundry, podcast, walk, and dream about Debt-free on the horizon–less than one month to go!



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