Wisedebther Weekly Spending 1.14.18- 1.21.18

Another week has come and gone ! Inching towards the end of January means that new year, fresh feeling is starting to wear off. The realization that no long weekends or extended breaks are to come for some time has also led to the “Sunday Scaries”. At any rate, I’m currently warding off by eating some Mango Gelato, decluttering/cleaning[have barely scratched the surface], and recommitting to resuming my weekly expenses. I do say this somewhat lightly, as I feel blessed to be in a position where I actually enjoy my job.

BIG big week in spending, but in a good ‘kinda way. The number was huge due to paying off another LOAN, leaving me approximately $3700 from Debt FREE!!!

The loan pay off was the week’s obvious heavy hitter.  Other departments were as follows:

-Food & Drink: This covered 2 weeks worth of shopping. Last week I did food shopping on Sunday, whereas this week I did it on Saturday. Way back when, $122 would have covered us for only 1 week worth of shopping. Thus, I’m feeling quite improved in this category.

-“Funtivity”: Saturday was essentially a day out of the house. My personal total damage was $50. I ran 10 miles (Total Cost $0). Then, my partner and I went out for lunch. Note, my weekly spending reports account for MY spending. Eventually, it would be great to transition to a point where I report both, but alas for now he prefers to keep his side anonymous–point taken :). Later, we met a friend and two of her friends at a local brewery. The beers were great, albeit a little pricier than intended. Then, on the way home we realized we were starving and stopped at our neighborhood pizza shop. There was a great deal on small cheese, meaning the damage there was only $4!

I’ll admit as I reviewed the day this morning I initially had some pangs of guilt regarding our spending. However, I can say upon further review that it was money well spent. My partner and I had not been out on a “date” in weeks, hence the lunch out. Further, the brewery outing with our friend led to getting better acquainted with our relatively new city, meeting some new folks, and really and truly enjoying some good beer.

This upcoming weekend my partner works every weekend day, so that will be a sure way to avoid any high “Funtivity” expenses for the next week !

-Health & Wellness: I’ll use an euphemism here –“feminine products”. Yup, it was my period. The perks of womanhood.

-Household: Tin foil and air fresheners. The air fresheners are one of those things I could eliminate out of my budget, but I enjoy them so much that I keep ’em around.

Well, that about wraps it up, short and sweet today. Wishing all the Wisedebthers out there a wonderful week ahead !


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