A normal, mundane, summer Monday in the books including a morning workout, followed by actual work, desk lunch salad, etc. Now, hit the pause button and rewind the tape. [Side note, yes I know no one actually uses tapes anymore]. We are now in December 2016. December was when I received my last stipend payment from the University of Miami, where I attended my doctoral program. When the payment went through I realized that the number looked a little off… in fact it was a bit higher. At this point in my life, I was on the cusp of entering my “debt free” phase, so I really didn’t pay all that much attention to the higher payment. I figured there had to be a reason for it. Christmas bonus? Increase in stipend pay? Whatever it was, I didn’t care. I had just moved and was paying for our full apartment’s rent + New couch (Cashew the cat utterly destroyed the last) + all the expenses that accompany moving.

Fast forward all the way back to the mundane, summer Monday. Cue, a very important email from the budget director at University of Miami School of Nursing informing me that I had been overpaid in the month of December. My “whatever didn’t care” attitude from the past winter was kicking my current self-hardcore. In reflecting, I went back to my bank statement and realized the overpayment was not just a small addition, it was in fact $1500 extra. ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED. This was the exact amount I was planning to spend towards my student debt for the month of August. Cue the crocodile tears. Hell, cue the real tears.

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Birthday candles – “Blowing out” another student loan


The last year of my 20s arrived at the end of June. Yay for Cancer season! Turning 29 I thought would feel more sentimental, maybe even a little sad? Or at least that was what I thought about 2-3 years ago as I made my way downhill on the 20s train. But now, I feel quite the opposite. The 20s have been full of great memories and milestones, but also nearly a decade in the making. My interests and lifestyle are similar, yet so completely opposite from where I started at 20. As cliché as it sounds, I’m actually getting excited for the next steps… whatever those may be in my career, personal life, etc. Although I will admit that the ‘birthday blues’ came in waves with philosophical thoughts of “What am I doing with my life?” , or “Is this all you have accomplished in the past 29 years?” Fortunately, the self-deprecating thoughts were long drowned out by July 4th thanks to the pool, beers, and sunshine!

The most important event of my birthday was saying goodbye to another student loan to the tune of $3848.80. It was my “present” to myself! And, paying of this most recent loan means I am officially DONE with Navient. This is especially exciting considering I just read a NYT article which discussed some pretty disturbing tactics used by Navient… tsk tsk.

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