Wisdebther Weekly Spending 10/15/17-10/21/17

Happy Sunday!! I am scratching my head wondering where this weekend went?! Cooler temps are headed towards Florida this week, which will be welcomed with open arms. A change of pace for a few days is exactly what I need.

Meanwhile in $$ land, it was mostly an unremarkable week, which is more good than bad. I spent less than $40 outside the house (i.e. “Funtivities”), but certainly racked up a bit of a high tab in the Food & Drink category. I attribute this to poor planning of when the weekly haul of grocery shopping would occur. I had three little ‘mini’ trips towards mid/end week that ended up costing a total of $61.76. I’m no longer in denial that I’m spending way too much on food, but I also do a great job of rationalizing it—for example, my little spending devil will say “It’s still cheaper than going out to eat”. This may have some, but also limited truth since quite frankly I’m spending WAY too much. For November, I’m aiming for <$100 a week…

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Half Marathon Prep

Paying off my student has been a bit like a marathon, so I decided to sign up for a real one! Well not quite, but a half marathon in February 2018. Running a half marathon has been on my bucket list nearly my whole 20s, so I’ve decided to give it a go before the clock strikes on the BIG 3-0. There are a few reasons why I think tackling this fitness goal will be beneficial to my finances:

Saving money on group fitness classes: As I work from home, I find group fitness to be a good social outlet. To be frank, a lot of times it is not even about socializing per say, but just being out in society with other humans—I’m not a total hermit I swear! Currently, I spend anywhere from $150-200 per month on fitness classes, mainly boot camp and cycle classes. During training, I’ll be running 3 times per week and have the other 4 days to fills with cross-training and yoga. While I won’t give up these group fitness classes completely, I will certainly be cutting down. My aim would be to hover this < $100 of my monthly spending.

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