Wine & Wine: Said Yes to the $90 dress !

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m gorging myself with some delicious chocolates and watching the Olympics tonight, as my partner is working. I’m not a big Valentine’s kinda gal, but I do love the sweets. So, even if he was here we would probably doing much of the same!

Today, I have a very Valentine’s Day appropriate Wine & Win! It’s all about how I got my wedding dress for $90. Yep, you read that right NINETY DOLLARS.

So you guessed it, I’m getting married ! Nope, no date set. Not a venue yet either. I won’t have a bridal party or a shower or a bachelorette too. In fact, we’ve decided to buck most traditions. The wedding itself will be limited to immediate family members + one of my fiancé’s best buds, that might as well be immediate family too. We know it will be at a local hotel, hopefully near the water, and other than that there’s quite a bit that is TBD.

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Wine & Win: Holiday giving

Happy Winesday !! Wine & Win is where I discuss my money ‘wins’. The magnitude of the win itself is insignficant. Rather, it allows me the space to start fostering positive money moments (e.g. something learned, accomplished), as I jet set towards Debt-free day! Today’s Wine & Win is about HOLIDAY GIVING! But first, grab your glass of wine (or beer, or drink, or mocktail), play some holiday music in the background (if that’s your thing), and whip up some holiday cheer (required)…

Holiday giving is a timely topic seeing that Christmas is a mere 12 days away!!!  My initial giving strategy for this year had me  focusing on my Salvation army Christmas Angel ONLY and foregoing all presents for family and my fiancé. Simple, right?!  Here’s what actually went down…

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Wine and Win: Saying NO to clearance

This Wednesday is my Friday! Winesday is feeling extra special in my neck of the woods. Tomorrow I head north to Boston to visit family, friends, and then attend a wedding of one of my first college friends. She is super sweet and adorable and has been dating her husband to be for nearly 10 years—WOW! It’s true love y’all. I was planning to write about my latest money fail, but hey that can wait ‘til later. Instead, I want to focus on my small, but mighty money “win”. The money win is actually related to weddings, but does require a bit of backpedaling.

A few rainy Sundays ago, after drinking just a little too much the night before (recovery periods for this 29 year old are approximately 48 hours), I realized that there was no way in hell I was making it to the mall. I was however, completely capable of shopping from my couch. I was failing hardcore until my boyfriend saved the day and found a dress on clearance from Rent the Runway. I had never used Rent the Runway previously. Honestly, I was always pretty frightened given that my short stature and lady curves make shopping of all kinds tricky. To top it off, the dress was final sale. It was a risk, but I did due diligence. Luckily, the site provides tons and tons of reviews and a plethora of pictures, so I was able to make the $100 purchase with confidence, albeit shaky.

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Wine and Win: Cheap A$$ Coffee

The midweek slump is real. It is also the perfect time to revel in some positivity. Hence, “Wine and Win”. Every so often on a Wednesday – because hey it’s “Winesday”, I’ll plan to post a “win” meaning something learned or accomplished, by yours truly or others on a debt free journey. So grab your glass of red or white, and join me as I revel in the glory of my $7 coffeemaker.

First, let me describe my coffee love affair as it will set the context for the dilemma that follows. I started drinking coffee at 16 years old. It was a slow burn love, as I would only drink it on Sunday when I worked early mornings at a nursing home. I grew up in Massachusetts where Dunkin Donuts reigns as king. I didn’t have much of a taste for coffee back then, but I happily sucked down my iced coffees sweetened and lightened to the max.

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