Hello! I’m Dina. I live in the Tampa Bay, FL area with my fiancé Juan and beloved cat, Cashew. Since completing graduate school in 2016, I’ve become committed to tackling my student debt once and for all [Total amount $30,000].  My original target date for “Debt-free Day” was the end of 2018. However, I’ve been surpassing my goal [Current amount $3700] and am now aiming to be DEBT FREE  no later than April 2018, a mere 14 months from the start of my aggressive debt pay-off.

I’m the first to admit I’m on a steep learning curve when it comes to dealing with my $$ [fake it ’til you make it ;)]. My background is in healthcare and research, so I have no credentials or intentions for that matter to be doling out Personal finance advice. Yet what I lack in knowledge, makes for an honest journey, filled with both successes and failures. Ultimately, I’m hoping to come out “wiser” and brighter on the other side of my debt.

I’m especially interested in learning from other women who are in the midst of/have completed paying off their debt or are just general money bad a$$es, hence the HER part of the blog name. Aside from my newfound interest in personal finance, I love warm weather, exercise, travelling, and all the beverages [coffee, beer, wine].

Thanks for stopping by and remember : ‘Wisdebther to live better xo!’