Summer 2017: It’s a wrap!


Now that it is officially Fall, I figured I better jump my butt into gear and tie up all my Summer loose ends.  First up, personal life, followed by $$$$$! Disclaimer, this post is a ‘hodge podge’ of sorts and much heavier on the personal stuff than money.

Personal Life: 

August was a high point of the summer. There was 2 weddings + Vacation!

The first August wedding took me near my hometown and alma mater up in the Boston area. I took off Thursday and Friday in order to have ample time to visit with family and childhood friends. On Friday, my mom threw a casual get together with our close family friends and their “kids”. “Kids” because they are definitely not children anymore. In fact, one of my friends is expecting her first baby this upcoming winter. I’m so excited for my friend and her husband <3!! The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of fun. We saved some $$ by bunking with one of my college buddies in the hotel and off we went to seriously one of the most beautiful weddings. The weather was iffy with clouds and a few sprinkles, and I kid you not that after their first kiss… the sky opened! How romantic! We danced and drank the night way and less than 24 hours later we were back in Tampa.

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Hurricane Hangover

What a week, month, year, and especially Hurricane season it has been! First, there was Harvey, then Irma, Jose, and now Maria. My personal hurricane hangover is due to Irma. That bad bitch…

It all started on Labor Day morning. I was casually lounging in bed ready for a run and a relaxing day at the pool. My boyfriend on the other hand was frantic—“it’s coming, the hurricane is coming! We need to go shopping”. Let’s just say I felt it was a boy who cried wolf situation. He’s an island child who LOVES to follow hurricanes. He will talk at length about where to go during hurricanes, what we will need to prepare, and so on and so forth. Anyway, I begrudgingly followed him to Walmart and was so sour at spending $157 on hurricane supplies. The hurricane shopping was busy that day, but not impossible. All the supplies were on the shelf, nobody was arguing…you get the picture. I decided I’d leave my gas and cash errands for the next day and ended up squeezing a small slice of a pool day.

The following day, Tuesday, panic ensued. Like, panic for the WHOLE freaking state of Florida. And for pretty good reason too—I’m no hurricane expert, but essentially the whole peninsula was in the “cone of uncertainty”. I squeaked by on getting gas and money at lunch before everything went real cray cray. Gas lines, followed by no gas at all, bottled water shortages, no plywood, etc. Yep, boyfriend- 1, Dina-0. No regrets on getting all that stuff out of the way before the madness.

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