Debt Organization

Alright y’all it is time; Time for a debt pay off plan. With less than 6 months of the year remaining I have made it my goal to shave off somewhere between $7-8K more of my student loan debt. How did I come up with that numbers? Well, it involves discussing a few more numbers…

$22,892.04, that is the amount I will earn for the rest of the year after taxes and 401K contributions. Until now, I have debated whether I should share this type of information with the world, but it is a bit egotistical to think that anyone is actually reading this/would actually care anyway. So there it is! I will stick to my guns about guarding my boyfriend’s and other family’s financial information unless granted permission because I’m of the belief it’s their business to share, not mine.

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Wine and Win: Cheap A$$ Coffee

The midweek slump is real. It is also the perfect time to revel in some positivity. Hence, “Wine and Win”. Every so often on a Wednesday – because hey it’s “Winesday”, I’ll plan to post a “win” meaning something learned or accomplished, by yours truly or others on a debt free journey. So grab your glass of red or white, and join me as I revel in the glory of my $7 coffeemaker.

First, let me describe my coffee love affair as it will set the context for the dilemma that follows. I started drinking coffee at 16 years old. It was a slow burn love, as I would only drink it on Sunday when I worked early mornings at a nursing home. I grew up in Massachusetts where Dunkin Donuts reigns as king. I didn’t have much of a taste for coffee back then, but I happily sucked down my iced coffees sweetened and lightened to the max.

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Birthday candles – “Blowing out” another student loan


The last year of my 20s arrived at the end of June. Yay for Cancer season! Turning 29 I thought would feel more sentimental, maybe even a little sad? Or at least that was what I thought about 2-3 years ago as I made my way downhill on the 20s train. But now, I feel quite the opposite. The 20s have been full of great memories and milestones, but also nearly a decade in the making. My interests and lifestyle are similar, yet so completely opposite from where I started at 20. As cliché as it sounds, I’m actually getting excited for the next steps… whatever those may be in my career, personal life, etc. Although I will admit that the ‘birthday blues’ came in waves with philosophical thoughts of “What am I doing with my life?” , or “Is this all you have accomplished in the past 29 years?” Fortunately, the self-deprecating thoughts were long drowned out by July 4th thanks to the pool, beers, and sunshine!

The most important event of my birthday was saying goodbye to another student loan to the tune of $3848.80. It was my “present” to myself! And, paying of this most recent loan means I am officially DONE with Navient. This is especially exciting considering I just read a NYT article which discussed some pretty disturbing tactics used by Navient… tsk tsk.

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