Love where you live

Since moving to Tampa from Miami late last year, I have rediscovered the library. Prior, I was finishing up graduate school and could barely get through a few “leisure books” per year. Now with my dissertation (almost) a distant memory, I have found myself with a huge chunk of free time that was previously occupied by writing, reading academic literature, and worrying about what in God’s name I was going to do after I finished my program. Fast forward six months, I am gainfully employed and have become a loyal library member.

Ok, library books are not a sexy topic. However, it is totally in line my debt free mission.—i.e. free books. The Free books + free knowledge = SUCCESS. Even more boring, is my “library routine”. Every 2 months or so, after I renew my 3 books at least a few times, I stop by to pick out my next batch. Usually, I vacillate equally between fiction and non-fiction. But, I’m a total sucker for self-help books and was immediately drawn to Melody Warnick’s This is Where you Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live. I took this puppy home supplemented by my guilty pleasure ‘light fiction’.

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Summer wardrobe + Student debt

The clock is ticking. The unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day, is almost upon us. The Type-A, planning type that I am means that I’m revving up for the season to come. Personally, this equates to a few upcoming work trips, but more importantly THREE weddings of college friends + ONE bachelorette. It’s going to be a great summer!

My clothing spending has been slim since 2017 began. I invested in a new pair of running sneakers and a pair of workout pants in January, and a replacement black cardigan in February (a wardrobe staple!!). Aside from those few things, I spent nothing! Part of this has to do with the fact that I recently started a job where I work from home. I have the luxury of rolling out of bed and wearing whatever I want.  But, to be honest it usually feels good to change into something somewhat civilized. I don’t know what it is, but it just gets my mind in the game for work mode. “Civilized” for me is nothing fancy, a t-shirt, jeans, casual dress, some sandals, etc. Regardless, I’m totally winning in the work wardrobe department.

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Committing to debt free

Welcome to WisedebtHER! I’m a late 20-something, female, millennial, and cat mom, who is more than ready to conquer my student debt. The “Wise” implies that I aim to learn and grow as much as possible on my journey to debt free and beyond. I am planning to pay off my debt by the end of 2018—a lofty, but completely plausible goal! A little about me and my debt:

I feel it is an important disclaimer to note that my professional background is in health care, nursing and research to be exact. A personal finance expert I am certainly not, nor would I ever claim to be—at least not yet. I’ve been consuming personal finance blogs, podcasts, and books like wildfire the past 4 months (more on that later).

In terms of my debt, I’m probably what you would consider your “Average Jane”. I left undergrad with approximately $30,000(ish) in student debt. To date, I have paid off 2 loans in full (woo hoo!). However, I still have a grand total of $22 K more or less to pay off. I pay my credit cards in full each month and still rock a fully paid off 2006 Toyota Corolla. So while I consider myself extremely lucky, I still have far to go in terms of being $$ savvy.

The reason I decided to start a blog is two-fold. For one, it holds me accountable: “Hello universe, I’m ready to be debt free!” More importantly, it would be a bonus to connect with fellow WisedebtHERs: women (or men!) who have successfully paid off their debt, student loans or otherwise.

I’m a self-described introvert and overwhelmingly a social media/blog observer, but I felt this experience was far too important to sit on the sidelines. I’ll be sharing my successes, failures, and everything in between. I hope you’ll join me for the ride!